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E- Navigation Data Auditing

General :

    Totem EDA enables easy identification of Near Misses by analyzing recorded navigational data from Totem ECDIS and/or Totem VDR. The Main purpose of EDA is to increase safety standards of navigators on ship and reduce the number of near accidents at the sea. The idea behind EDA is simple: analyzing the navigational data from VDR and/or ECDIS, finding the events that are considered not safe and that should have not happened, and instructing the ships crews of the findings.

How it works?

    The program is friendly and its use is intuitive. The user can define the criteria that he wants to find by using recorded information such as speed, depth, distance from other ships etc. (distance can be calculated from either AIS or ARPA). “Near collision”, for example, can be defined as an event where another ship passed at a distance smaller than 04 miles, while steaming at speed greater than 15 knots and at a depth greater than 30 meters (see picture 1). Once the criteria for the search are defined the program will search all available data files to find a possible match. The criteria can also be given a title and be saved for future use.

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