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Totem ECDIS Training

Type-specific ECDIS training course

Type-specific training course

    Totem Plus provides online CBT (Computer Based Training) for Type Specific Training, as per ISM code. It is designed for officers in charge of a navigational watch and for experienced nautical officers and other persons with navigational responsibilities. The course provides the trainees with specific knowledge of the functionality and effective use of the Totem ECDIS.

    Moreover, type specific training can be provided by the following authorized institutes:

  • ECDIS Ltd. (www.ecdis.org), The ECDIS courses can be delivered in their training center in Southampton UK, or at any location of your choosing, using their special mobile facility.
  • Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre (BMTC) located in Varna, Bulgaria (www.bmtc-bg.com)
  • Wallem Training Center located in Mumbai India
  • Anglo eastern Training Center located in Odessa Ukraine
  • Totem Plus premises located in Israel or onboard customer vessels and/or any other chosen location













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