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Totem Engine Performance Monitoring & Optimizing Mate System


  • Complete independent real-time MIP system capabilities.
  • MIP system may be fully integrated into IMACS.
  • Multiple realtime stations on board ship, such as CE room, bridge etc.
  • History and replay capability.

MIP measured & calculated parameters

For each cylinder:

  • Maximum pressure and deviation from mean.
  • Pmax angle and angle deviation.
  • Mean indicated pressure and deviation.
  • Compression curve pressure and deviation.
  • Expansion curve pressure and deviation.
  • Exhaust temperature and deviation (optional) (only when connected to IMACS).
  • Pcomp/Pscav and deviation.
  • Indicated power and deviation from mean for each cylinder.

For each injector (Optional):

  • Maximum injector pressure and deviation.
  • Maximum injector pressure angle and deviation.
  • Injection pressure and deviation.
  • Injection angle and deviation.

Full IMACS integration

  • Calculated data from IMACS display group.
  • Define set points, and alarms.
  • Incorporates data from MIP into an ECR log generated by IMACS.
  • Can combine IMACS and MIP data for advanced thermodynamic calculations.

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