RMDS for Vehicles

Radioactive Material Detector System


    RMDS Portal is an Advanced Spectroscopy Portal (ASP) designed for drive through and second tier (static) scanning. The system integrates up to 32 NaI(T1) (Gamma) and 4 3He (Neutron) detectors. The system at its various versions is suitable for Trucks, Containers, cars and other vehicles. RMDS was designed specifically for Homeland Security Applications, taking into consideration the rigorous challenging demands of this evolving market. RMDS are primarily intended to be placed at border crossings, maritime ports and airports. The system can also be placed at industrial facilities (steel mills, waste sites etc.) to inspect radioactive material transshipments. RMDS is designed to fully comply with the ANSI N42.38 standard.


  • Capable of scanning every vehicle and its contents while in motion.
  • Energy range: 25-3000 keV.
  • Automatic spectral drifts compensation.
  • Isotope identification for reducing False Positive Alarms of NORM.
  • Low False Alarm rate due to advanced correlation algorithm.
  • PC based processing system.
  • History recording.
  • Dose rate approximation.
  • Special Position indication for point sources.
  • Remote Control communication available.

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